Our Police Department is very blessed to have such a fine pool of reserve peace officers that donate time to serve their community. Without this group of individuals, we would not be where we are today. 

These officers complete mandated training each year and had to complete a reserve peace officer training academy. They stand ready at a moment's notice for a call for assistance during a disaster or emergency to assist in any way they can.

We are forever grateful for your selflessness, and dedication to helping us make our community the best that we can make it.

  1. Bryan Cantrell

    Lieutenant, #604

  1. Jim Duck

    Sergeant, #640

  1. Jason Briley

    Sergeant, #624

  1. John Mose

    Officer, #619

  1. Brad Garner

    Officer, #618

  1. Eva Wilson

    Officer, #620

  1. Cammie Ragsdale

    Officer, #622

  1. George Roberson

    Officer, #625

  1. Teresa Roberson

    Officer, #626

  1. Jason Jenkins

    Officer, #617