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Town of Ft Gibson Animal Shelter

  1. 2.) Do you currently live in a
  2. 3.) Do you currently
  3. If you are not the property owner, the Ft. Gibson ACO will verify your residences current pet policy.
  4. 4.) Which of the following best describes your reasons for wanting a dog? (Check all that apply)
  5. 7.) Do you have a fenced yard?
  6. 8.) Do you have a regular veternarian?
  7. 9.) Please describe the temperment and activity level you are looking for in a dog. Check all that apply:
  8. 10.) I prefer a dog that.... (Check all that apply)
  9. I certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I also ackowledge falsification of the above can result in my being denied adoption of an animal or, if an animal has been adopted to me, the return of that animal to the Ft. Gibson animal shelter.
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